Digital Check In/Out System For All Schools

Parents, Mentors and Visitors,

We have a new digital check in/out system in our office. Please bring your drivers license the next time you visit.

Once you scan it the first time, you will receive a "pass" on your phone for an easy check in/out in the future. The safety of our students is our first priority, thank you for your cooperation.


KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL SUPPLIES Kindergarten 2022-23 Families, we are purchasing school supplies, in bulk, for our Kindergarten students. A $27 school supply fee is required. No shopping for Kindergarten school supplies is necessary as this fee will take care of your student’s school supply needs. By purchasing these items in bulk, it allows us to target the specific supplies for our classrooms, and best of all…pass the savings on to you! So, instead of going out and searching for those supplies, we have taken care of that for you. Upon receipt of your fee, we will have your child’s school supplies ready and in his/her classroom at the beginning of school. The only additional item you will need, and may wish to purchase for your student will be a backpack. You can order now! Please complete the following information, place your $27 and this info in an envelope and either mail or take it by the office at the ECC beginning August 1. Thank you! Student’s First and Last Name: _will be a Kindergarten student in August 2022. The $27 school supply fee for Kindergarten supplies is enclosed. Parent Name: ___ Phone: __ Please make checks payable to “ECC Student Activity.” You may mail checks to Woodward Early Childhood Center, 3801 34th Street, Woodward, OK 73802 Also...we are working on an online link if you would rather submit your payment through your portal. Keep watching...we will let you know soon!